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100 Watt Soft White Tuff Kote Rough Service Shatter-Resistant A19 Dimmable Incandescent Bulb


The Feit Electric 100 Watt soft white TuffKote Rough Service shatter-resistant A19 incandescent bulb 100A/RS/TF-130 features Teflon coated glass to reduce breakage and prevent shattering. The rugged shock resistant filaments resist damage from vibration and the medium brass base fights corrosion and fits a variety of common fixtures. Ideal for use in food preparation areas or outdoor applications or any area where extra durability is needed.

SKU: 100A/RS/TF-130

This product has been discontinued.


  • Heavy-duty multi-filament resists vibration
  • Teflon coated glass to reduce breakage and shattering
  • Dependable bulb for use in open fixtures or over food processing and outdoor lighting.
  • Dimmable light
  • Medium brass base resists vibration and corrosion



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