PAR38_P_10KLED_BX_bulb PAR38_P_10KLED_BX

PAR38 Purple Holiday & Party LED (Boxed)



This PAR38 colored LED is great for any festive, holiday or special occasion and uses less electricity and last longer than equivalent incandescent or halogen outdoor lighting. This long lasting light bulb lasts up to 10,000-hours and will save you money on energy costs throughout the duration of the bulb. The versatile PAR38 weatherproof bulb is wet location rated and can be used in enclosed fixtures. 


  • Adds a splash of color to a patio, porch or any festive occasion
  • Festive purple light adds a fun flavor to any party or celebration
  • Ideal for outdoor use, wet location rated
  • Energy efficient LED technology uses considerably less power compared to equivalent incandescent lights


Feit Electric