Smart Camera Solar Panel Continuous Charger



This solar panel accessory connects to the Feit Electric outdoor smart camera and charges the battery without the need for plugging in to an outlet. The Feit Electric PANEL/SOL/CAM is a 7”x 9” solar panel charger that connects to your Feit Electric Outdoor Camera continuously charged. This panel comes complete with a 9ft (5VDC 3W) Micro USB Cable and adjustable mounting bracket to easily position the solar panel for optimal sun exposure. The enclosure is designed to withstand rough weather conditions and is water resistant with operating temperatures of -4 F° to 122°. Works with Feit Electric Smart Outdoor Battery Powered Camera Model: CAM/WM/WIFI/BAT


  • Solar panel battery charges camera without bulky outlet cords
  • Includes 10 ft. cord to connect to Feit Electric Smart Outdoor Camera
  • Recharge with the included micro-USB cord
  • Water Resistant Design To Withstand Rough Weather Conditions
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket Included


  • Energy Used:


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