TEMP_WIFI_110821 smart-temperature-humidity-sensor 3d rendering of hotel interior

Smart WIFI Temperature & Humidity Sensor



Keep an eye on the Relative Humidity and Temperature of your home with the Feit Electric TEMP/WIFI Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor for peace of mind for your loved ones and furry friends whenever you are away from home. The sensor can easily be mounted in any space that you want to monitor and connect to the Feit Electric app in see the relative humidity/temperature in your room allowing you to utilize our Smart Scenes feature to connect to other appliances turn on based on certain trigger thresholds. Have Reptiles or tropical plants? Set up a smart scene to turn on a smart plugged Humidifier and a Fan to increase the moisture level. Getting too cold but too comfy to get out of the covers to check? Set a smart scene to automatically turn on your heat source without ever having to leave the bed or think about it. Chose a dependable Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor for your Smart Home today.


  • Smart temperature and humidity sensors monitors home environment
  • Connects to other Feit Electric products within the mobile app
  • Set Up Smart Scenes To Turn On Cooling / Warming Appliances In Your Home Once Certain Temperature / Humidity Threshholds are Met
  • Easy to read display allows for easy reference and viewing without having to use your phone
  • Easy to install and even easier to connect to the Feit Electric App.
  • 1 year warranty



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