Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizing Wand UVC_WAND_6W_LED_pack-Front UVC_WAND_6W_LED_pack-Back Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizing Wand video
Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizing Wand

UV Protect Sanitizing Wand



Keep surroundings germ-free with the help of the Feit Electric UVC/WAND/6W/LED sterilizing UV wand. This portable wand emits UVC germicidal ultraviolet light in the 270-280 nm range that can inactivate harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Simply position the wand 1-2 inches from the surface you wish to sanitize, point the light, and hold down the power button to activate. For best results, slowly wave the wand for 30 seconds for each 1-inch x 8.5-inch area. An integrated orientation sensor automatically shuts off the light when pointed upward, adding to your safety.  Get up to 20 minutes of continual cleaning on a fully charged battery, and recharge with an included micro USB cable.


  • Portable wand helps removes harmful viruses, bacteria and fungus
  • Ultraviolet light works in any surface and works to disinfect within 30 seconds
  • Chemical-free way to keep your surroundings clean
  • Lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere



Feit Electric