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Innovative Energy Saving Lamps | CFL, LED Lamps & More

Feit Electric is a proud ENERGY STAR® partner and is committed to producing the most innovative energy saving lamps. Feit Electric has revolutionized Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and LED Lamps with innovations such as our mini T2 CFLs, Omni Directional LED Lamps, ICAT (Insulated Ceiling Airtight) approved recessed reflectors and weatherproof floodlights. Feit Electric is a proven leader in the industry. Our newest super-low mercury ECOBULB® CFLs and long life energy efficient LED lamps show our commitment to the industry and to the environment. Feit Electric’s research and development has greatly improved halogen lamp technology with our new 2012 Energy Compliant Energy Saver Halogen bulbs. When you choose Feit Electric lamps, "It's the bright thing to do."®Google+


Featured Products


Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
are another alternative for traditional bulbs. CFLs are long lasting and energy efficient. These bulbs are RoHS compliant and last up to 10,000 hours or up to 9 years. Feit Electric offers a wide selection of shapes and color temperatures to fit your needs.

LED Lamps

are the newest and most energy efficient form of lighting today. LED lamps offer the same light output as traditional lamps but use less energy, which saves you money. These lamps are RoHS compliant, have no mercury and last up to 30,000 hours or up to 27 years. Feit Electric offers a wide selection of LED products, which includes Accent LEDs, and Dimmable Performance LEDs.

Energy Saver Halogen Lamps
produce the same light output and characteristics as standard incandescent bulbs but provide up to 40% energy savings. Energy Saver Halogen lamps come in Standard A19s, Globes and Reflectors.



Lighting 101:
With new Federal regulations being implemented in January of 2012 the way you shop for bulbs will change. Starting in 2012 A-Shape incandescent bulbs will be phased out, beginning with the 100-watt, 75-watt in 2013 and ending with the 40 and 60-watt in 2014. Consumers will also be asked to look for the Brightness (Lumens) not Energy (Watts) when shopping for light bulbs.

Recycling and Disposal:
Learn how to dispose lamps properly with our convenient RECYCLEPACK and government-sponsored programs.