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How to Choose the Right Light Temperature for your Bulb or Fixture

Light appearance is measured in temperature using the Kelvin scale.   Unlike the weather outdoors lower color temperatures (2700K) indicate ‘warmer’ colors of orange and yellow, and higher color temperatures (6500K) indicate cooler colors like blue and white. Know Your

How to Read & Understand a Light Bulb Label

Here is a guide to help you understand the most common terms used in lighting along with specs, and certifications. Light Appearance (Light Color) A Light’s color is often measured by color temperature, represented in Kelvin (K). The “warmer” the

How to Find a Light Bulb Compatible with your Light Fixture

Light Bulb & Light Fixture Compatibility Buying light bulbs used to be easy. When your 60-watt incandescent burnt out, you just went to the store and bought another 60-watt bulb. So Many Light Bulb Choices Today, we have more choices

Decoding Bulbs Shapes and Sizes

Light bulbs and lighting lamps are usually described by shape, length, diameter, and screw type designation. Bulbs are also defined by a code number consisting of a letter or letters followed by a number. The letter indicates the shape of

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