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IntelliBulb simply smart light bulb solutions

Smarter Home without the Hassle

All the intelligence is built into the bulbs.

IntellliBulb is ideal for people who are trying to find a solution to a particular problem or want their home to feel just right.  Unlike smart home solutions for techies, IntelliBulbs can be controlled in intuitive ways using your voice, motion or a light switch you already have, without any additional hardware or a special app.  So you can have all the benefits of a smarter home and still use your light bulbs like a normal bulb.

Smarter Home. No Additional Hardware or Apps.

Update any home to fit any lifestyle, Intuitively.

All the intelligence is built into the bulbs.  Just install and let the bulbs do the rest, no need for hubs or special apps.

3 Lights, One Bulb

Dusk to Dawn

Battery Backup

Motion Activated

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