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2 Easy and Inexpensive Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

 DIY Autumn decorating ideas with vintage lighting and Fairy String Lights that help bring the Fall experience indoors.

If you've been wondering when to start decorating for the fall season, the answer is, now. As the weather gets chilly and auburn leaves blow past you, creating a cozy Fall ambiance that lets you enjoy the season from the comfort of your home is essential.

Vintage Lighting Ideas for A Cozy Fall

With various vintage style light bulb shapes, filament styles, glass finished, and shades of white light, you can easily add a touch of fall to any corner of your living space. Autumn brings to mind dark reds, golden yellows, and orange colors all around. Our amber glass bulbs emit 2100K, 2700K, or 3000K light that helps you recreate those days at home. If you prefer antique lighting with blue tones, we offer our 5000K Edison bulbs which perfectly complement any décor style. Pair the bulbs pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces, or our signature Vintage Industrial Lamp Holder.

Feit Electric Vintage-Style LED Bulbs


DIY Fall Home Décor

Creating your own piece of Autumn lighting décor is an easy and fun way to liven your space and bring in the Fall experience. It can be used as Fall living room décor, on your dining table, kitchen island, desk or any nook needing Autumn décor.

Here's what to do:

1. Gather the following supplies: glass container, Feit Electric LED Fairy String Lights, Autumn foliage, ribbon.

2. Start by wrapping some ribbon and garland around the base of your glass container. Then, insert your Feit Electric Fairy String Lights.

3. Insert your foliage and arrange as desired.

4. Your Fall décor now done.

5. Turn ON your fairy string lights and place anywhere!

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a warm and cozy indoor space during fall. So, start decorating for fall and experience the ultimate cozy ambiance with our Vintage Edison bulbs and Fairy String Lights.

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