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5 Summer Outdoor Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

Creating an inviting outdoor space this summer is easy with our exterior lighting ideas. No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, our five easy and low-cost summer outdoor lighting ideas are fit for any space needing a summer lighting upgrade. There’s no doubt we all look forward to those long, warm summer days. After over a year of putting our gatherings on hold, it is time to finally enjoy barbeques, pool parties, picnics, and soak up the sun (in person) with our friends and family.  So how do you make sure that your outdoor space is summer-ready? Below we provide you with the best outdoor lights to achieve a bright summer!


1. LED Outdoor String Lights

String lights are a popular choice when it comes to easy and affordable outdoor lighting. Their soft glow creates a cozy atmosphere in your outdoor gathering spaces without any of the harsh glares. They are perfect for backyard barbecues, dinner on the patio, or late-night hangouts at your pergola.

Feit Electric has a wide selection of string light options for your lighting needs, from Smart Wi-Fi models that can be controlled with your phone or voice assistant to LED Flame Effect ones that look like a real flickering fire.

To view all Feit Electric outdoor string lights and find one that is right for you, click on the link below. 

Feit Electric LED String Lights 

2. Fairy Bulbs

Fairy Bulbs are the ideal lights for parties and cozy summer nights. Insert them into string lights and hang along fences and trees, or insert them into your favorite outdoor fixture to fill your outdoors with a touch of magic. Their twinkle effect creates a fairytale-like atmosphere that is ideal for summer celebrations.

Our fairy bulbs fit medium E26 base sockets and come in square, bottle, mini cylinder, and globe shapes. They are available in RGB or 27K Soft White light. Select models can be set to twinkling or solid color fairy fade effects.See the entire collection and get the best bulb for your needs at the link below.

Feit Electric LED Fairy Light Bulbs 

3. Fairy Lanterns

Fairy lanterns hang outside from hooks or branches just like regular lanterns, but instead of a regular white light, they give off a gentle 27K Soft White color with an optional twinkle effect. Each lantern comes with a downlight for extra illumination of pathways and porches They’re solar-powered, so you don’t need to worry about plugging them in. Now when the sun goes down, you can keep the party going!

Feit Electric square and round fairy lanterns light up in a Soft White twinkle effect, as well as a variety of solid colors, with six different color transition modes. If you’re looking for something more traditional, Feit Electric jar light fairy lanterns have that familiar cozy fairy glow.See the entire collection and choose the fairy lantern light that works for you using the link below.

Feit Electric LED Fairy Lanterns 

4. LED Inflatable Balloon Light

Balloon Lights are a perfect choice when you need a light that can decorate and illuminate with a hassle-free setup. Set them in your backyard for a long-awaited gathering with your friends or set the ambiance for a summer outdoor wedding with their 6 color options. Do not be afraid to place these inflatable balloon lights in a visible area. They are meant to be seen! Hosting a get-together in a different location? Lightweight and portable, the lights fold up and go anywhere in an included carrying case.

To learn more about the Feit Electric Inflatable LED Balloon Light and find one at a store near you, click the link below.

Feit Electric RGBYOW LED Inflatable Balloon Light 

5. Strip Light for Outdoor Bars

Adding strip lights to your outdoor bar is a hassle-free way to customize your lighting and create a fun atmosphere for your guests. Get creative with millions of colors or set to a golden shade of white light to create an inviting glow that draws people in. Your bar will turn into the place to be on a hot summer night!

Control with the included remote, the Feit Electric mobile app, or a voice assistant. Bend around corners, trim to size and use on virtually any surface.

Get more information about the LED Smart Wi-Fi Strip Light, and find one at a store near you, by clicking the link below.

Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Light

No matter whether you are a total beginner or a pro at backyard makeovers, these 5 brilliant summer outdoor lighting ideas will make your summer one to remember.

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