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6 Lighting Ideas to Make Your Next Outdoor Event Unforgettable

As the weather gets warmer and outdoor gatherings become more frequent, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the most of your outdoor space for any event from casual hangouts to graduations and Memorial Day get togethers. And what better way to do that than with Feit Electric outdoor LED lights?Here are six lighting ideas that work for any occasion.

Customize Your Outdoor Space with Landscape Lights

OneSync Landscape Lights are the perfect solution to personalize your outdoor lighting to match any mood or occasion. Light up your walkways with pathway lights and bollards, highlight your favorite plants with spotlights, or decorate your tables with lanterns. And the best part? You’re never limited to how you can customize your outdoor space. Pair them together and control them at once or add even more customization by pairingthem to a separately sold remote or enabling smart control with the Smart Wi-Fi Bridge. These solar-powered landscape lights are a breeze to install, taking only minutes to set up so you can get your celebration going. Honoring a loved one on Memorial Day? Change your lights to red, white, and blue. Need graduation party lighting ideas? Change your landscape lights to match your grad’s high school or future college. Throwing a casual hangout? Create a welcoming environment by choosing a warmer hue.With OneSync Landscape Lights, your lighting possibilities are endless! 
Man standing at front doorway overlooking front yard with OneSync Landscape Pathway Lights turned on.
Young woman sitting outdoors in chair holding a OneSync Handheld Remote Control.

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Keep It Simple with an LED Inflatable Balloon Light

As the saying goes, less is more, and that’s certainly true of our LED Inflatable Balloon Light. With its ability to serve as both lighting and décor, just one balloon light can make a big impact.Placing a few throughout your space will create eye-catching accents, without the need to overdo it on additional decorations. Simply switch on the light to start inflating, choose your preferred light color, and place them near tables, bars, or prep areas for added ambiance. 
Man at residential outdoor bar and Feit Electric LED Inflatable Balloon Light next to the bar.

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Create an Inviting Feel with Smart String Lights

Elevate your space and focus on what matters most with our Smart LED String Lights. Pair them with your phone to create the perfect ambiance for late-night hangouts or special occasions. Get cozy or create an energetic atmosphere. Whether you're lighting up seating areas or stringing them from your pergola, our smart LED string lights set the mood. Choose from millions of colors and shades of white. Create schedules and scenes to turn your lights on automatically. Control them from anywhere using your smart device. You’ll never have to worry about going out into the darkness to plug them in. But, if you don’t mind being hands-on, our regular LED String Lights are also an excellent option to consider.

Backyard with Feit Electric Smart String LED Lights glowing in red, white, and blue light.
Spacious backyard at night with LED string lights hanging overhead.

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Add Music and Lighting at the Same Time

No party is complete without music, and our Speaker Orb is the perfect way to get the party started. Use it to play your favorite tunes and entertain guests, or simply add some background music to create a more casual vibe. With its globe shape, our speaker orb is not only functional but also serves as a cool decorative piece that adds a touch of style to any setting. The orb's color-changing feature adds to its charm and versatility, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor event. Whether you're setting it up by the pool or on tables, our Speaker Orb is sure to be a hit with guests.

Feit Electric LED Orb with Bluetooth Speaker by a pool.

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Keep Insects Away with Bug-Free Lighting

Don’t let pesky bugs ruin your outdoor fun! Thanks to our Yellow LED Bug Light Bulb or LED Bulb with Zapper, you can enjoy your time outside without any buzzing interruptions. Yellow bug lights emit a yellow glow that doesn’t attract insects while still providing ample illumination. Set them up in areas where people gather, such as over tables, at the bar, or at any entrance. If you want to eliminate bugs, set up a Bug Zapper Bulb away from guests. It will draw bugs toward its blue glow and zap them on contact. 

Backyard with yellow bug lights hung and installed throughout.

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Go for a Fairytale Aesthetic

Whether used as table décor or hung in trees, LED Fairy String Lights are a perfect lighting solution to create a beautiful scene. With their dreamy aesthetic, they make guests feel like they've stepped into a fairytale. These versatile lights look great in any setting and can be used in a variety of ways. Try using fairy lanterns as centerpieces along with other decorative elements, intertwining fairy string lights on tree branches, or placing them in glass jars for delicate centerpieces. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. For an Instagram-worthy lighting idea, fill your outdoor space with these magical lights and create and enchanting atmosphere that your guests will never forget.

Mason jar fairy lantern on tree stump.

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Feit Electric outdoor lightsprovide a wide range of lighting solutions to enhance any outdoor event. From customizable landscape lights to LED inflatable balloon lights, smart string lights, bug-free lighting, and fairy-like aesthetic LED lights, the possibilities are endless. These lighting options are not only functional but also add to the ambiance of any outdoor occasion, creating an inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

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