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7 Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

DIY outdoor Halloween decorations are easy with Feit Electric LED light bulbs, strip lights, plugs and sensors. 

'Tis the season to be spooky so make sure you have everything you need to bring a delightful Halloween experience to your home. Keep on reading for 7 easy DIY outdoor Halloween lighting ideas you can create anytime, anywhere. They are sure to leave your visitors filled with frights and delights! 

LED Light Up Jack-O-Lantern

Leave traditional Jack-O-Lanterns in the past and upgrade to a colorful version this Halloween. Insert Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi RGBW Strip Lights inside your ghoulish pumpkin and connect to power. On the free Feit Electric app, choose the "Halloween" light effect or choose your favorite Halloween colors. Choose a solid color, or transition between several— you can even control how fast each color changes.

Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Light

Two carved jack-o-lanterns emitting colorful glow

Orange and Purple Halloween Lights

Who doesn’t love easy outdoor Halloween decoration ideas? LED Smart Wi-Fi String Lights are perfect for lighting up backyard Halloween soirees because they add a fun, colorful touch to your party. These string lights are also perfect for you if you want to get into the spirit without the hassle of setting up and taking down pricey Halloween decorations. Hang them on your front porch or backyard and watch your home come to life at night! Select colors or design a cool Halloween light effect using the Feit Electric app. If you'd rather go for something super quick and easy, choose the Halloween effect. There is no need to purchase multiple orange or purple lights, all you need is one Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi Strip Light!

Smart Wi-Fi String Light

Smart string lights glowing purple and orange light

Teal Pumpkin Project Decoration Ideas

The Teal Pumpkin project promotes awareness and inclusion of those with food allergies. By placing teal pumpkins outdoors, you let all the monsters and ghouls know there are non-food treats available, so they all go home with something they’ll enjoy. In addition to adding teal pumpkins on your front porch, you can fill your outdoor space with teal light. Replace your old outdoor bulbs with a Feit Electric Smart RGBW Wi-Fi A19, BR30, or PAR38 and change the color to teal using the Feit electric app, you can also control with voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts. If you wish to go for the classic scary scene, be sure to use orange, purple, or green as these colors give off an eerie atmosphere for guaranteed frights!

Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

Home decorated for teal pumpkin project

Spooktacular Lighting

Halloween decorations looking dull at night? Add Feit Electric A19 Black Light LED Light Bulb! Use this bulb indoors or in an outdoor fixture. They change the atmosphere of your Halloween scene by making your decorations appear like they “glow” in the dark. Be sure to use bright neon colors for best results!

Feit Electric Black Light

Glowing jack-o-lantern scarecrow

Realistic Flickering Flame Bulbs

Complete your Halloween setup by using a bulb that emits a realistic flickering flame effect without the dangers of a real flame. Its warm glow creates an eerie ambiance that will surely have your visitors in awe!

LED Flame Effect Bulb

Outdoor wall lantern with flame effect bulb installed 

Automate Your Halloween Decorations

Nothing is scarier than outdoor Halloween decorations that come to life on their own. Make your guests jump when they walk by your Halloween decorations by using Feit Electric outdoor smart Wi-Fi plugs and smart Wi-Fi sensor. Plug your creepy outdoor Halloween decorations into your smart Wi-Fi plug. Use the smart wi-fi sensor to set automations; when the sensor detects movement, the smart plug turns on (and so do your plug-in decorations).

Smart Plugs and Sensors

People trick-or-treating at Halloween decorated home

Battery Powered Halloween Lights

Don’t break the bank on expensive Halloween lighting and decorations. Feit Electric fairy curtain and string lights add a magical glow, and they are the perfect lights for creating DIY Halloween decorations. Just place your fairy string lights in a glass jar and turn it into an adorable monster or use your LED curtain lights as a backdrop for fun pictures with friends and family.

Feit Electric LED Fairy String Lights

LED fairy lights placed inside painted glass jars with Halloween faces

Don’t wait for Halloween to creep up on you. Get into the spirit by following these easy Feit Electric Halloween decoration ideas for many nights full of frights!

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