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A Perfect Bulb for the Perfect Fixture

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices of lighting options.  Here are bulb suggestions for a few fixtures listed below.

Floor or Table Lamp

The best bulb suggestion for a lamp is generally a basic closed-A shape. But some floor and table lamps may have more specialized requirements.


Pendant Fixtures

Pendant fixtures generally expose part of the bulb, so it is best to choose a bulb that looks good and gives off the correct lighting. Globe and traditional bulb shapes are very popular with pendant fixtures.


Wall Sconce

Usually smaller and decorative. They often pair well with narrow shapes, such as tube or flame bulbs. 


Ceiling Fixtures

These fixtures are generally enclosed, so bulb appearance isn’t important. It is best to choose the bulb with the longest lifespan that can fit in the fixture.

Chandelier or Decorative Fixtures

Choose an attractive bulb shape like a torpedo tip or flaming tip to enhance the beauty of a Chandelier or Decorative Fixtures.



A Light Bulb's Base is Also Important

A light bulb's base also comes in a variety of styles and shapes. The base is especially important, as it will dictate compatibility with a fixture. If you are replacing a bulb in an existing fixture be sure and match the same base.


Special Feature Fixtures

It is best to choose a bulb that matches the fixture features like adjustable brightness levels (3-way), and dimming to make sure it works properly. Not all bulbs can dim or to switch brightness.

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