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Best Back to School Supplies

It's time for back to school shopping including the best LED bulbs to fit desk lamps, floor lamps, and more. But, how do you know which light to buy? To make shopping easier, we've gathered the best back to school LED supplies you need to take on the new academic year.

Lighting Essentials That Work With Your Day

Having the right shade of white light throughout the day, from waking up in the morning to reading and enjoying a relaxing evening, can affect a student's school performance. Feit Electric Color Selectable LED Light Bulbs have five shades of white light. Choose your favorite with the toggle on the bulb or adjust anytime with the flip of a switch. Use 5000K Daylight or 4000K Cool White light to create an energizing ambiance in your bedroom or bathroom to jump-start your day. Neutral White 3500K light is perfect for task lighting in study rooms and helps students focus on reading, homework, and other school projects. When it's time to go to your happy place at the end of a long school day, use 3000K Bright White or 2700K Soft White. Using warmer shades of white light in fixtures or recessed cans creates a relaxing mood, perfect for your favorite evening activity like listening to music.

Feit Electric LED Color Selectable Lighting


DIY Bedroom and Dorm Room Ideas

If you're looking to step up your bedroom décor or if you're heading off to college and looking to have the best dorm room on campus, follow these DIY essentials. Feit Electric indoor Fairy String Lights and Smart Lights are the perfect effortless accent piece for any space. When placed in a clear glass jar, fairy lights instantly light up with a magical twinkle that brightens up your space. Flexible and light, they can also easily hang them without nails. Plus, you can choose from a variety of lengths, light colors, and wire colors. Display your favorite photo memories on your wall with the included photo clips in each 10-Foot fairy string light. For larger coverage, our LED Fairy Curtain String Lights emit a Warm White 2500K glow perfect for creating a cozy vibe. For those that love a vibrant hue, smart lighting lets you paint with any color you want at any time. You can choose from millions of colors with the Feit Electric App on your smartphone or by using voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts.

LED Fairy Lights
Smart Lights


Best Dorm Room and Bedroom DIY Decor Ideas for Back to School
Get more done with your back to school shopping and take on the new school year with the help of the best lights from Feit Electric. They're perfect for any age group!


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