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DIY Wireless Wall Sconce

Turn any wall fixture into a cordless wall sconce.

Are you on the hunt for stunning lighting to brighten up your home without the hassle of wires? Look no further! Our Rechargeable Battery Powered LED Bulb and wire-free wall sconce DIY guide are here to transform your space while making it a breeze for you to create an elegant ambiance. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of illumination, providing you with the ultimate lighting hack—a DIY wireless wall sconce. Say farewell to the need for electricians and unsightly wires and say hello to wire-free lighting that suits any room in your home.

Wall Sconces: Your Home's Best Friend

Wall sconces offer a range of advantages. They’re versatile and work in virtually any room of your house. Choose from rustic, modern, industrial, vintage, subtle or bold styles to fit your décor preference. One of the biggest benefits of wall sconces is their unobtrusive design. They don’t take up a lot of space like floor lamps and look like part of your décor.
Let's explore some ways you can utilize them:
  1. Bedside Brilliance: Are you an avid reader? Or perhaps you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom? Wall sconces can provide the perfect solution for both, with no need for complicated installations or visible cords.
  2. Living Room Comfort: Create a unique reading nook or just add a soft, welcoming glow by placing these above your couch or as an accent.
  3. Hallway Illumination: Dark hallways can be daunting at night, but wall sconces bring both comfort and safety to these spaces. They guide you and ensure that you never stumble in the dark.
Side by side images of bedroom, living room, and hallway featuring wall sconces.

The Wonders of our Rechargeable Battery Powered LED Bulb

Get an array of benefits to make your life easier and more energy efficient. Here's what you can expect:

  • Adapts to Any Scenario: Thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can easily unscrew the bulb from its socket and take it with you anywhere. This versatile product is more than just a light bulb, it also functions as a portable light you can take on the go for camping trips, store in your emergency preparedness kit, and use for personal projects like car maintenance. When used in a wall sconce, it allows you to position the sconce in locations where a power source is unavailable. Move the bulb from room to room or take it on the go to have lighting precisely where and when you require it.
  • Wireless Remote Control: Conveniently adjust the brightness, turn on/off, and select the shade of white light from the comfort of your couch.
  • Adjustable White: Change between Soft White 2700K, Bright White 3000K, Neutral White 3500K, Cool White 4000K, or Daylight 5000K.
  • Dimmable: Choose the amount of brightness. Conserve its battery and let your bulb shine longer by running in low brightness modes.
  • Emergency Lighting: Thanks to the rechargeable battery feature, your sconces will continue to shine even during power outages, providing security to your space. Note: The bulb must be charged before use. When the power goes out, press the button on the bulb to switch to its backup battery. Recharge it by installing it in a fixture that is connected to power. For a more flexible charging option, use the included USB-C cable to recharge it with an external battery source like a portable power station.
Hero shot of Feit Electric Rechargeable Battery Powered A21 LED Light Bulb packaging.

Creating Your DIY Wire-Free Wall Sconce

You have your Feit Electric rechargeable battery powered bulb and found the perfect wall sconce. However, you hate the sight of cords, don’t have an outlet nearby, or don’t want to mess with your electrical system. Now what?

Let's walk through the steps to create your very own wire-free wall sconce without the need for an electrician or complex wiring.

Materials You'll Need:

Step-by-Step Guide: 

  1. Cut any wires or cords from your wall sconce, cutting as close as possible to the fixture
  2. Choose the perfect location for your sconce and follow its mounting instructions
  3. Screw in your rechargeable battery powered bulb
  4. Use the remote control to fine-tune the brightness and set your desired white light
  5. Step back and admire your exquisite, wire-free wall sconce

Step by step guide on how to create a battery operated wall scone using Feit Electric OM60/5CCTCA/BAT/LEDI.

In Conclusion

Adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your living spaces no longer requires the inconvenience of wires or the stress of hiring an electrician. With our battery backup LED bulb and your creative touch, you can enjoy the advantages of wire-free decorative wall sconces. Illuminate your home in style and let your imagination flourish with the possibilities these sconces provide. Say farewell to wires and welcome the charm of wire-free lighting. Create the perfect ambiance in your home effortlessly!

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