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Grow Lights Bring the Sunshine Indoors

Want delicious tomatoes in the dead of winter?  Award-winning violets?  Fresh garden herbs or medicinal plants all year long?  Grow lights make it possible to cultivate healthy plants any time of year in any climate without using pesticides.  Even during the winter.

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A grow light is an artificial light source designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting a light designed to promote photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that takes place inside a plant producing food needed for the plant to survive. Sunlight usually provides the energy needed for photosynthesis to take place. But indoors, there's not necessarily a lot of direct sunlight - especially in the winter or dark areas of the home. And moving plants outdoors is not always ideal due to weather, lack of sunlight, or pests. That's where grow lights come in. Grow lights mimic natural daylight so plants can still get their sunshine indoors in a controlled environment. Using grow lights you can cultivate healthier and stronger plants any time of year. You can grow plants anywhere including garages, basements, closets, or kitchens. You don't need a dedicated greenhouse or a large growing location.

Grow lights are the perfect solution for gardeners who love plants and want to bring the outdoors inside. They can also be used to nurture seedlings and replant outdoors. Also for people who value organic produce or want easy access to specialty foods. Grow lighting can easily be added under kitchen cabinets, in nooks, or on vertical shelving to create an edible pantry. Save yourself a trip to the grocery aisle and know where your food is sourced for healthy meals without pesticides. Or if plants are mainly to enhance your décor grow lights can ensure your succulents, orchids, and other decorative plants stay lush and healthy all year round.

There are flexible installation options so you can place them on tabletops, attach to shelving, or even clamp-on lights wherever you need them. They can be hung or mounted flush to ceilings or attached to vertical shelving.

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Visit our LED Grow Lighting page to learn more about Feit Electric grow light fixtures and bulbs.  We have a wide variety of options for every type of grower.  Whether you are a novice grower just getting started or a pro who wants to know more. We have a grow lighting solution for every grow space.


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