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New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 and How to Achieve Them

The arrival of the new year brings fresh opportunities to embrace what's possible and set new goals for the coming year. Many of us are revisiting our priorities and focusing on more meaningful resolutions this year like living a sustainable life, creating a space to focus on wellbeing, or spending more time with loved ones. Sometimes small steps in the right direction can be as easy as screwing in a new light bulb. Keep reading to learn how creating a smarter more energy-efficient home can help you achieve your resolutions this year. 

Easy Swaps to Start Saving Energy

Before diving into the different types of LED lights for your home, it is helpful to think about bulb shapes and sizes, brightness level, shade of white light, and the cost of LED bulbs to ensure you purchase the bulb that is right for your needs. If you’re looking for quick ways to make your home eco-friendlier this year, replacing your old incandescent bulbs with general-purpose LED A19 bulbs is a good place to start. These LED light bulbs work in multiple applications such as bedroom lamps, floor lamps, pendants, and ceiling fixtures. They come in various shades of white light and are available in a glass or plastic finish.  Be sure and check the sockets of your fixtures to be sure they are a match.  The most common fixture socket and compatible bulb base for A19 bulbs are medium or E26.

Feit Electric LED Light Bulbs 


Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Nothing says love and provides comfort more than food. To Puck lights, bars, panels, and strip lights can all be placed in different locations of your kitchen and synch together if they are within 50 feet of each other. You can even add a Smart Wi-Fi Bridge to make your lights smart and control from your smartphone or with voice control. All the convenience you need to dedicate more time to your loved ones is done with the help of OneSync lights and accessories.

Feit Electric OneSync LED Light System 

Make Your Home Entertainment Ready

If one of your priorities is developing closer relationships with family and friends, you’ll want to be sure your home is prepared for social events and spontaneous intimate gatherings this year. Get the conversation going with an eye-catching bold vintage-style LED bulb. Or, create a welcoming feel with the charming look of a large vintage-style bulb. Our oversized bulbs come in various shapes, glass finish, white light, and filament style options. They add a decorative touch to any space, so your home can be the destination for your family and friends to gather all year long.

Feit Electric Oversized LED Vintage Style Bulbs 


Enjoy Your Downtime Without Feeling Guilty

Bedrooms and living rooms are areas where people usually gather or relax after work or on the weekends. Your lighting helps you get into a mindset in which you can practice yoga, laugh with your loved ones, or shake off the stress from the previous year. Vintage-style bulbs that emit 2100k, 2700K, or 3000K light are especially useful to create an enjoyable atmosphere and their classic design complements any design style. These classic bulbs are an easy makeover project anyone can take on and are best enjoyed when placed in pendants, wall sconces, chandeliers, lamps, or any fixture that exposes the bulb. The traditional look of Edison bulbs is married with modern energy-saving LED technology so you can enjoy your downtime without worrying about accruing high energy costs. Feit Electric vintage bulbs range in shapes, sizes, filament styles, glass finish, and white light options.

Feit Electric Vintage-Style LED Bulbs 


Create a Home Spa Sanctuary

The bathroom is not only an area where people prepare for the outside world but can also be a refuge dedicated to self-care. The type of lighting will depend on the activity at hand, so it is important to upgrade to lighting that can work with your day. Cooler light helps you feel energized to get ready for the day. Use 4000K Cool White or 5000K Daylight when you want to see the fine details during your morning routine. Wind down with 2700K Soft White or 3000K Bright White to enjoy a relaxing environment. You can switch between light options with the flip of a wall switch or by using the presets on the product.

Feit Electric Color Selectable LED Lights 


Light Up Your DIY Space

Now more than ever people are looking to dedicate their time to something meaningful to them such as starting a new hobby. The garage is the perfect space to get your new projects started. You’ll need crisp, 5000K Daylight lighting that gives you the energy to take on any project. LED garage lights with adjustable panels let you direct light exactly where you need it and installing them is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Another option that adds bright lighting to your garage is smart Wi-Fi shop lights. These shop lights let you adjust the white light, brightness level and turn ON/OFF from your smartphone or with voice commands by connecting them to your Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts.

Feit Electric Garage Lighting 

Spend More Time Outdoors in a Magical Retreat

Our LED string lights create a magical retreat that requires little installation and provides instant enjoyment. They provide the perfect amount of lighting and create a friendly mood to read your favorite novel solo or gather with your loved ones. Eliminate the need to manually turn on or off your string lights by choosing a smart option. Smart Wi-Fi LED string lights can be controlled from your smartphone or with voice commands, so you have more time to enjoy the things that matter.

Feit Electric LED String Lights 


Stop Stressing Over the Little Things

Feit Electric smart Wi-Fi products offer a wide selection of smart lights, smart home security, smart sensors, smart plugs, and smart lighting switches. Upgrading your home to smart control makes it easy to live your life without having to worry about energy overconsumption or leaving your home unattended. The Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi products connect using the Feit Electric App in less than 30 seconds and give you full control from anywhere in the world with your smartphone. You can also add to your home automation systems by pairing with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts to control with simple voice commands.

Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi Products 

The new year is officially in full effect. Many people are starting their new resolutions so we gathered our best products that will help you create the perfect setting to achieve your goals this year.

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