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Power Out Doesn't Mean Lights Out

Emergency preparedness supplies such as Feit Electric flashlights, work lights, and battery backup bulb help keep your family safe during emergencies where the lights go out.

Feit Electric handheld work lights, flashlights, and battery backup bulb are essential for natural disaster preparedness during this time of the year. Although most homes may be well-lit, one thing they lack is a backup lighting source for emergencies. During a storm, one of the best ways to feel safe is to have an emergency preparedness plan in place which includes easy to use lighting to navigate your surroundings safely when the power goes out.

Powerful LED Flashlight Kits

Feit Electric LED Flashlight Kits let you bring light anywhere you go, whenever you need it. These kits feature three durable aircraft grade aluminum flashlights with titanium or black glossy finish and provide 500, 1000, or 1700 Lumens of light. Keep these flashlights handy during power outages by storing them in your emergency kit so when the power goes out, you’ll have a reliable lighting to peer into dark corners or survey your outdoors.

Feit Electric LED Flashlight Kits


Rechargeable Battery Backup LED Intellibulb

Our battery backup A21 LED Intellibulb makes natural disaster preparedness less daunting. Each bulb is equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery so when the power goes out during a natural disaster all you must do is press the ON/OFF button on the bulb. Its backup battery gives you three hours of emergency backup lighting and emits 800 Lumens, making emergency situations less frantic.

60-Watt Equivalent Soft White A21 Battery Backup Intellibulb



Feit Electric Handheld LED Work Lights

Make Feit Electric LED Handheld Work Lights part of your family survival kit. After a powerful storm passes and you need to make immediate emergency repairs, use our handheld LED work lights. They are portable and can easily be carried or stored anywhere. These work lights feature heavy duty construction for extra durability, adjustable brightness, and 6500K Daylight for reliable illumination right when you need it. There is no need to wait around for the power to be restored.

Handheld LED Work Lights

LED battery work lights

Make Feit Electric LED flashlights, work lights, and battery backup bulb park of your family emergency kit list so when an unexpected natural disaster strikes, your family has the necessary emergency preparedness supplies handy.

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