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Ways to Spread the Holiday Cheer Without Spending a Fortune

‘Tis the season of giving and spreading joy. The holidays are only days away and although it's easy to get caught up in the stress of it all. We'd like to take some time to remember that giving back can bring as much or more joy than receiving gifts. If you would like to give back this holiday season, but don't know where to start here are some easy ways you can spread the holiday cheer beyond your friends and family, because everyone deserves to have a warm holiday season.

Donate Toys

Many families struggle every year to buy toys for their children during the holidays. Thanks to non-profit organizations like Toys for Tots, less-fortunate children across the country have the opportunity to receive a gift long with their peers. It’s easy to participate, all you have to do is donate new unwrapped toys at a Toys for Tots drop-off location. You can also get others to contribute by starting a collection site at your worksite and encouraging employees to bring in toys.

little boys receive gifts at toy drive


Volunteer for a Great Cause

The holidays are a busy season, and many organizations take this time to raise awareness for their great cause. By dedicating a few hours of your day to a non-profit organization, you can make a difference while helping others get into the holiday spirit. This includes helping an animal find their forever home at your local animal shelter, serving and handing out food to those in need, and distributing warm clothes to those less fortunate.

people packing bags with food items


Lend a Helping Hand to a Neighbor in Need

The holidays can be a hard time for some, especially for the elderly, who are less able to climb onto the roof to decorate. If you have a neighbor who could use some extra cheer, brighten their holidays by helping them put up festive lighting. LED Fairy String Lights come in multiple colors and offer glow options like fade and twinkling effects. Bend and shape them to any form you want and place them over a mantle, on side tables, and even wrap around plants! Outdoor lights can be trickier for elderly neighbors to put up and take down. For a quick, easy way to add color outside the home, consider the LED Color Caster. It can be set up and taken down in minutes, no ladders required, and floods light up to 2 stories high. Other lighting options like Smart Wi-Fi String Lights have even more flexibility and they can stay up all year long. Your neighbors will appreciate its convenient control via a smartphone and the endless color options for all occasions. For elderly neighbors, create a schedule that turns lights on and off at certain times, so they don’t have to worry about manually plugging in and unplugging.

holiday decor with lights


Recognize Your Local Heroes

Give season’s greetings to firefighters, police, hospital workers, mail, and delivery people. They’re the unsung heroes of our communities often working on the biggest holidays of the year to serve their community. Surprise mail and delivery workers by leaving small gifts outside for them to grab when they deliver your package. These include gift bags full of snacks for the road or a personal thank you holiday card. Show firefighters, police officers, and hospital workers your appreciation by delivering home-made sweets with a hot holiday drink to keep them warm.

gift giving


Organize A Caroling Group

The easiest way to spread the holiday cheer is to sing! All you need is your voice and your warmest coat. Organize a caroling group and go around your block singing your favorite holiday songs to your neighbors.


Whether you donate your money, gifts, times, energy, or even your voice, you'll find that the spirit of joy multiplies in giving back. It spreads wider and farther with every life you touch, so be generous with what you have to give and have an extra joyous holiday this season.

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