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RoboGenesis Designs a Solution to Phantom Power

RoboGenesis Designs a Solution to Phantom Power

What is phantom power?

Phantom power, otherwise known as idle current, is the power your devices waste when they are not in use or turned on. It silently lurks in the background and goes unnoticed until it’s time to pay your electric bill.

Who is RoboGenesis?

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You’re probably wondering if there’s a way to prevent those surprise charges phantom power accumulates on your bill. Good news! RoboGenesis, a First Lego League (FLL) team designed a solution that’ll save you more money and energy per year. So how exactly did they do this?

What's the Solution to Phantom Power?

RoboGenesis identified the community’s increased need for electric power and sought a convenient way to help preserve energy thus saving households more money per year. The team tested 35 devices in several homes using a watt meter and uncovered that various devices were still using power even when they were on stand-by mode. With the help of the Feit Electric Indoor Smart Wi-Fi Single Outlet Wall Plug and it’s timer feature, they were able to cut power from devices which resulted in average savings of $102 per household per year.

For more information on the RoboGenesis team and their solution to phantom power, visit RoboGenesis SuperPowered.


What is the Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi Single Outlet Wall Plug?

It is a Wi-Fi enabled smart plug that turns any small household plug-in device into a smart device. You get the convenience of controlling your devices from anywhere — turn on/off, set schedules, timers, create groups, automations, and more! Enjoy flexible control from your smartphone or connect to your favorite voice assistant to enable voice control.

smart indoor plug

Smart plugs are ideal for holiday décor and common household devices like lamps, coffee machines and fans. View all Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi Indoor and Outdoor Plugs.

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