LED Linear Tubes and PL Bulbs

LED Linear Tubes and PL Bulbs
How to Install Feit Electric Type A and Type B Linear Tube Lights
Feit Electric

LED Tubes offer a safe, reliable replacement for fluorescent tubes in a variety of options that aren’t available with fluorescent light. They emit the same brightness while using up to 55% less energy. They are rated for up to 50,000 hours of life. LEDs contain no mercury and are built for shatter resistance, protecting from accidental breakage and allowing for easy disposal. They also turn on instantly to full brightness, with no flickering. High-output LED tubes are an ideal option for larger spaces and high ceilings, emitting twice the light as traditional tubes.

Type A vs Type B

Type A LED tubes, or direct replacement, work with electronic or magnetic ballasts and can be easily installed without rewiring or bypassing the ballast. Type B LED tubes, or direct wire, require direct wiring by bypassing the existing ballast. This added installation step enables efficient operation and less maintenance over time. Bypassing the ballast can also be done when a ballast fails, prolonging the life of the light.

Selectable White

Selectable White LED tubes offer the convenience of having your choice of multiple white light temperatures in one light. Choose from 3 or 4 CCT options from Warm White to Daylight Deluxe during installation, or choose SELECT to toggle between different temperatures from the wall switch.