Summer Backyard Party Tips, Feit Electric LED and Smart Home

Make the Most Out of Your Backyard

Summer Backyard Party Tips

Make the Most Out of Your Backyard this Summer

Warm weather, more time outdoors, good company, delicious food. All things to look forward to as we approach grilling season. So, how do you make the most out of your backyard party this summer? Follow these easy and helpful tips and be prepared for hosting the quintessential outdoor soiree this summer.

Tip 1: Smart Devices for Your Backyard or Garden

Who said a smart home should stay indoors? Use Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi Smart Sensors and Outdoor Plugs to host a summer get-together to remember.

Wow your guests with easy hands-free automation even as you welcome guests or prep for entertaining. Pair our Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensor MOT/PIR/WIFI/BAT with our Smart Outdoor Plugs to control regular plug-in devices with motion, mobile app, or simple voice commands. Connect regular outdoor lights, electric grills, fountains, or outdoor fans. When your guests start arriving, your motion sensor will detect movement and signal your smart plug to turn your devices ON to get the party going. Or, put them on a schedule to turn ON or OFF automatically with the Feit Electric App or use voice commands with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts.

Feit Electric LED Smart Home Devices


Feit Electric, LED Backyard Outdoor Lighting ideas, Smart Home


Tip 2: Make Your Backyard or Garden Festive with Outdoor Decor

No backyard gathering is complete without the right lighting. Set up Feit Electric LED Inflatable Balloon Lights as an accent decor piece to give your outdoor space extra illumination and beauty. Spread these fun inflatable balloon lights throughout your backyard where they are visible or set up at a photo booth where your guests can take pictures! These portable balloon lights include a tripod stand and the light inflates to three feet in diameter. Each LED Inflatable Balloon Light features 6 color options (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Amber, and White) to provide the perfect ambiance at your summer function.

Feit Electric LED Inflatable Balloon Light


Feit Electric LED Inflatable Balloon Light Outdoor Lighting


Tip 3: Don’t Let Summer Bugs Spoil Your Fun

Summertime means more time spent outdoors which also means there is a higher chance of getting attacked by unpleasant summer bugs. Keep those pesky flies, mosquitos, gnats, and other flying insects away from your guests, by adding Feit Electric LED Bug Zapper Bulbs C60/850/BZ/LED at high traffic points in your backyard or garden. These bulbs emit UV light that attracts bugs and its built-in bug zapper traps and eliminates bugs that come into contact. Yellow LED Bug Light Bulbs A19/BUG/LED is another option for keeping flying insects away. They can be placed in any Medium E26 socket to light up your gathering space with yellow light most critters cannot see.

Bug zapper bulbs and yellow bug lights are ideal for anyone wishing to keep their space free from chemicals and free of scents diffused by alternate options such as citronella candles.

Feit Electric LED Bug Lights


Feit Electric LED Outdoor Lighting, Bug Repellent, Outdoor Lighting Ideas


Summer is all about spending time outdoors with our friends and family so be sure to create an environment that is both fun and comfortable with our easy-to-follow tips to make the most out of your backyard for outdoor barbecues and more this summer.



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