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There are plenty of smart devices like light bulbs, sensors, or cameras that you can buy, but what happens if you want to control non-smart devices in the same way? That’s when you get a smart plug. Plugging in your regular devices and appliances to a smart plug allows you control and automatic turning on or off, even if you’re away from home.

Feit Electric smart plugs connect to the intuitive mobile app, giving you control over plugged-in devices with just a tap. No more having to physically plug in or turn on devices; now you can do that with the press of a button or even with a voice command.

What Can Smart Plugs Do?

When you hook a smart power plug up to your Wi-Fi network, you will have any device that is plugged into it at your fingertips. You can turn each device on and off, set timers and schedules, or control them with voice commands and app inputs. If your smart plug has multiple outlets, you can group devices together to coordinate them.

Smart Power Plugs for Outdoor Devices

Our outdoor smart Wi-Fi dual-outlet plugs bring the power of our smart devices to porches and backyards. Perfect for outdoor lights, coolers and more, Feit’s outdoor smart plugs wet-rated and designed to withstand both high and low temperatures.

Control Your Smart Plug With Your Phone

The Feit Electric App is the only thing you need to group and control plugged-in devices.
Simply set up the plug in the app, connect it to your Wi-Fi, then proceed with configuring your appliances the way you want. You can create a digital ecosystem inside and outside your house by setting multiple smart devices to interact with each other.

Smart Plugs with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and More

Our app isn’t the only way that you can control your smart Wi-Fi-enabled plugs. You can also connect them to virtual home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Siri Shortcuts. That way, you’re just a word away from controlling your lights and appliances.

Get a Smart Power Plug for Your Home Today

Feit mart plugs eliminate the trouble of forgetting to appliances on or off, and give you control on-demand from anywhere, as well as on a schedule. Browse our full line of smart plugs and start making your home into a smart home today.

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