1 ft. Square White Trim Color Selectable Edgelit Fixture FP1X1_4WY_WH_(C)_082620 Modern computer room video video
1 ft. Square White Trim Color Selectable Edgelit Fixture

1 ft. Square Edgelit Color Selectable Flat Panel LED



The Feit Electric FP1X1/4WY/WH color selectable fixture make it easy to optimize the lighting of any room without the need for any special smart home hardware or apps. A patented selectable color temperature feature allows users to choose warm white, cool white or daylight on the fixture or to adjust after install by toggling a wall switch. The sleek ultra slim, one inch low profile design features innovative edge lit LEDs that direct the light downward, creating uniform light distribution without hot spots, flicker or glare. Bright dimmable LED lighting is integrated with each of the fixtures, offering up to 50,000 hours of life and energy savings compared with similar incandescent light fixtures.


  • Ultra-modern slim edge-lit design makes any room architecturally pleasing
  • Preset color temperature or adjust after install. Get warm, cool or daylight with a flip of a switch
  • Energy efficient LED technology uses considerably less power compared to equivalent incandescent lights
  • Long life reduces the hassle of replacing bulbs so often
  • LED lighting providing energy savings over conventional light fixtures and 50,000 hours of reliable light.



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