11 in. Round Puff LED Ceiling Fixture PF11_RND_4WY_NK_091420
11 in. Round Puff LED Ceiling Fixture

11 in. Color Selectable Round LED Ceiling Fixture



The Feit Electric PF11/RND/4WY/NK 11-inch round LED fixture with selectable color temperature provides added function and beauty to any residential or commercial area. Choose from 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White or 5000K Daylight color temperatures on the fixture, or change after installation with a flip of a standard light switch. A frost white plastic lens and nickel frame add beauty and modern style to any area. These ceiling fixtures / wall sconces are energy efficient, produce even light distribution of 1000 lumens and have an average life of 50,000 hours, years delivering Energy Star certified reliable lighting.


  • Upgrades older ceiling lighting to latest LED technology
  • Choose between Warm White, Cool White or Daylight with a standard light switch
  • Ultra-modern slim edge-lit design makes any room architecturally pleasing
  • Dimmable design lets you customize the brightness of any room
  • Energy Star certified



Feit Electric