1700/1000/500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight Kit 1700/1000/500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight Kit
1700/1000/500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight Kit

3-Light Adjustable Beam Tactical Aluminum LED Flashlight Kit with Batteries

SKU: FL500/1000/1700TI/RP


Bring light anywhere you go with an eco-friendly flashlight kit from Feit Electric. Energy-efficient LEDs provide 500, 1000, or 1700 lumens of light, powered by AAA or C batteries. Pull the flashlight head out for a narrower spotlight that illuminates objects as far as 1,000 feet away or push it in to widen the beam. Each light comes with low and high brightness settings for greater versatility. The kit comes with a handy carrying case that includes batteries and carrying straps. Constructed from durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy treated to resist rust and corrosion, each flashlight is a perfect accessory for camping trips, emergency kits, power outages, security work, and more. Choose a dependable, durable Feit Electric flashlight kit for years of use.


  • Adjustable sliding head allows for fast spotlight beam focus or wider-angle use
  • Tactical design includes a scalloped strike bezel for breaking glass in emergencies
  • Includes carrying case with batteries and straps
  • Water and impact resistant
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body with titanium finish


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