500 Lumens Handheld Swivel LED Worklight WORK500MULTIBAT_pack
500 Lumens Handheld Swivel LED Worklight

500 Lumens Handheld Swivel LED Worklight



Light up the worksite with the Feit Electric WORK500MULTIBAT multi-mount portable LED work light. Durably constructed and long-lasting, this compact work light outputs 250 or 500 lumens of 6500K Daylight color temperature light. Flip the light to use a flashlight on one end. A swivel pistol grip allows the light to focus in any direction, while the attached hook and magnet add portability and versatility A heavy-duty rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to 10 hours of continual light on the low setting Choose a Feit Electric work light for your portable lighting needs.


  • Handheld worklight and flashlight combination for extra site lighting
  • Heavy-duty construction for extra durability
  • Hook and magnet for easy stowing and transport


  • Lumens:
  • Color Temperature:
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