UP7500_850_MM_LED 7500 Lumen Motion-Sensing Adjustable Panel Garage Light

70W Daylight (5000K) LED Foldable Light with Adjustable Panels

SKU: UP7500/850/MM/LED


Upgrade your old garage lighting to long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs with the Feit Electric UP7500/850/LED adjustable panel lights. These fixtures come with an E26 medium base and easily screw into a wall or ceiling socket, providing 7500 lumens of 5000K Daylight color temperature light using only 70 watts - saving over 80% in energy costs over an equivalent 400-watt incandescent light. Three independently adjustable panels allow you to focus illumination exactly where you need it, and integrated motion-sensing technology automatically turns the light on when motion is detected, adding to the safety of your home.


  • Provides reliable illumination to garage and attic spaces
  • Automatic sensors turn the light on when motion is detected
  • Adjustable panels fold up to 90° to keep all corners illuminated
  • Energizing crisp Daylight color illuminates fine details with invigorating cool light
  • Superbright light output for larger spaces or anywhere you more illumination



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