BPOM60_930CA_LED_12_BULB BPOM60_930CA_LED_12_pack

800 Lumen 3000K Non-Dimmable LED

SKU: BPOM60/930CA/LED-12


Upgrade your old boat or RV lights to LED energy-saving technology with the Feit Electric BPOM60/930CA/LED-12 LED light bulb. This A19 bulb is specially designed to run on 12-volt lines, making it ideal for vehicle interior lighting. It produces 800 lumens of 3000K Bright White light while using only 10.6 watts - up to 82% less energy than a standard 60-watt incandescent. Each bulb is rated to last 15,000 hours / 13.7 years, is ROHS compliant and are 100% mercury free. Choose a dependable LED bulb for your vehicle.


  • 12 volt DC power input designed to operate in RVs or marine vehicles
  • Low heat emission is ideal for enclosed spaces
  • Bright white glow makes any space appear cozy and inviting



Feit Electric