ST19 Spiral Filament Alexa Google Decorative Smart Bulb ST2160_RGBW_FIL_AG_(S)_012722 ST2160_RGBW_FIL_AG-Lifestyle1 ST2160_RGBW_FIL_AG-Lifestyle2 video
ST19 Spiral Filament Alexa Google Decorative Smart Bulb

ST21 Spiral Filament Alexa Google Decorative Smart Bulb



Make your home into a smart home with the ST2160/RGBW/FIL/AG spiral filament light bulb from Feit Electric. This ST bulb is a perfect accessory to any decorative light fixture. Easily turn lights on/off, dim, set groups, timers, or schedules. Choose a warm amber 2100K light or get creative with color, it’s all up to you. Control lighting with simple voice commands and an intuitive mobile app. Set up is simple: the bulbs connect directly to your Wi-Fi at home. A stylish Edison design with clear glass and a curved filament instantly livens up the décor of any room. Feit Electric Smart series filament light bulbs have an average rated life of 15,000 hours / 13 years, are RoHS compliant and 100% mercury-free. It has never been easier to customize your home’s lighting to suit your lifestyle.


  • Turn on/off and adjust lighting with your smartphone
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants
  • Choose from millions of color options or switch to regular white for everyday lighting
  • Oversized design and exposed filament look lends a touch of elegance to any room



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