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6 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas to Celebrate at Home

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to think about the perfect way to express your love to your significant other. Like the past couple of years, many couples will opt for a safer Valentine's date night in rather than go out to a crowded restaurant. With that being said, we put together 7 romantic date night ideas you can recreate right at home with the help of Feit Electric LED lights! 

Cook Together

Having fun in the kitchen is one of the best moments in a relationship. Make it extra special this Valentine’s Day by trading your favorite recipe with your significant other. This could be a simple salad or gourmet meal recipe. Either way, when it comes to chopping and dicing ingredients, you’ll need task lighting that helps you prep food. When you install OneSync Under Cabinet Lights under your cabinets, you can control them all at once (within 50 feet of each other) even if they are not physically connected. They are dimmable giving you the ability to control how much light you need to prep your ingredients. They are also selectable white allowing you to change your light to a 4000K Bright White or 5000K Daylight task lighting option. When you’re too busy cooking your loved one’s Valentine’s Day meal, use OneSync remotes to control your lights from anywhere in the room. Or enable smart control with the Smart Wi-fi Bridge to control from your smartphone or with voice. When you cook with love and the proper lighting, your partner’s recipe will taste just as good as a five-star meal.

Feit Electric OneSync Under Cabinet Light System

couple cooking together and smiling 

Enjoy A Romantic Dinner

Whether you cook and bake from scratch or order your favorite takeout, you can create a 5-star experience right at home. All it takes are color-changing lights to take your Valentine’s Day dinner from ordinary to romantic. Install smart Wi-Fi light BR30 bulbs in your kitchen recessed cans or screw-in A19 bulbs in your pendants over your dining table and choose your preferred brightness and color using the Feit Electric app or with voice control. The color of love differs from person to person so thankfully our smart Wi-Fi light bulbs give you millions of vibrant hues to choose from! If you and your sweetheart prefer something traditional set your smart Wi-Fi bulbs to a cozy, golden glow for an intimate experience.

Bright tip: Create a Valentine's Day scene in the Feit Electric app and name it “date night.” When it’s time to enjoy your romantic date night trigger it with a simple voice command such as “set the mood for date night.”

Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs


Create A Backyard Picnic

If you’re looking to have an alfresco experience from the comfort of your home, try a backyard picnic. Lay out a blanket or quilt and gather your favorite finger foods and drinks. Add a romantic atmosphere to your backyard picnic by hanging LED string lights along the fence or across your backyard with the help of guidewire. LED string lights cast a cozy glow that makes your picnic feel even more personal. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, use our Smart Wi-Fi LED String Lights to express your love with color using a simple voice command or with your smartphone. 

Feit Electric LED String Lights

backyard picnic date night 

Make It A Movie Night

Spend your Valentine’s Day with a classic movie date night but instead of going out to the movies, bring the movies to you. Turn your living room into your own personal movie theater by popping popcorn and playing your favorite flick. Add Smart Wi-Fi Strip Lights around the back of your TV as a good source of ambient lighting. Choose your favorite color to create a completely immersive experience. Change color, adjust the brightness, and turn ON/OFF from your couch using the Feit Electric app or with voice control. Another easy way to control your strip lights is with the included remote without connecting to your Wi-Fi.

Feit Electric Strip Light

romantic movie date night 

Dance the Night Away

What could be more romantic than dancing the night away on Valentine's Day? Move the couch aside and search how to slow dance on YouTube or freestyle to your favorite music! Install our LED Speaker Bulb into your living room fixture with a standard E26 socket and pair via Bluetooth to your favorite device. Set the perfect dancing atmosphere by getting comfortable with a Bright White 3000K glow. Play your favorite slow song or club music through the built-in speaker to dance your night away. And finally, if you’re aiming for a clubbing scene, install the LED Rotating Disco Light to add a fun lighting experience.

Feit Electric LED Decorative Bulbs

couple slow dancing at home 

Create the Ultimate Spa Experience

Pamper your significant other with an at-home spa day. This romantic idea will once again require lighting that helps you set the right ambiance. Transform your home into the ultimate relaxation experience with Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs. This time use them in your living room or bathroom and change the light color to blue. Blue color light is said to have a calming effect which is perfect for a soothing day at home. If you prefer regular white light, go for a relaxing Soft White light. When your spa session comes to an end, use energizing Daylight to get you in the mood for the rest of your day! As always set the right brightness level or turn ON/OFF from the Feit Electric app or by pairing to your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts to enable voice control.

Feit Electric Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

home spa 

Whether you prefer a classic date night like going to the movie theater, a fun dance moment, or you just want to relax, our date night ideas are easy to recreate at home with the help of LED lighting.

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