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Unveiling Feit Electric RGBIC Smart Lights

Colorful Feit Electric smart neon flex rope light on bedroom wall.

Feit Electric has been a pioneer in Smart Color-Changing lights, traditionally offering RGB or RGBW options. However, we've recently expanded our smart line to feature RGBIC technology, bringing a new level of control and creativity to your lighting experiences. In this blog, we'll explore the key differences between traditional RGB and our latest RGBIC lights. 


What is RGBIC?

Unlike traditional RGB lights that can only display one color at a time, RGBIC technology allows you to showcase multiple colors simultaneously thanks to independently controlled chips. These smart IC (independent control) chips integrated into our products enable unparalleled control over individual LEDs offering visually stunning displays and dynamic light effects such as chasing patterns. 


Smart permanent string lights glowing in multiple colors.

RGBIC vs. RGB: Exploring the Differences 

The primary distinction lies in the level of control and customization that RGBIC provides over individual segments on a light, allowing for a more customized color expression. Let’s delve into some key differences.  





Integrated IC Chip 



Individual LED Control 



Display Multiple Colors at Once 



Dynamic Light Motion and Patterns 





Smart RGBIC lights chase effect.
Smart RGB lights in living room and dining room.

Choosing the Right Fit

When it comes to choosing the right light, keep in mind your specific needs and preferences.

For spaces like kitchens and bathrooms or areas requiring task lighting where a subtle ambiance is preferred, traditional RGB lights may be suitable.

Smart strip light mounted under outdoor table.


However, for spaces where creativity and a unique atmosphere are desired, RGBIC lights offer a more dynamic and visually engaging option.

Gray bedroom with colorful pink, blue, and purple lights.

Our Latest RGBIC Smart Items

Indoor Lights

Take your indoor space from drab to a visually stunning experience. Customize your living room, game room, bedroom, or entertainment space with exciting colors and movement. Some of our most popular RGBIC indoor lights include Smart Color Strip Light, Smart Color Neon Flex Light, Smart Hexagon Light Tiles.

Game room with neon flex on wall.

Outdoor Lights

Set up your outdoor lights once and leave them up all year round to elevate your outdoor gatherings, holidays, and special occasions. Try these! Color Changing Smart LED Flood Lights, Smart Chasing Permanent String Lights, Color Changing Smart LED String Lights.

Two story home with colorful outdoor lights.


Embrace a new era of lighting creativity and control in your home. Say goodbye to the limitations of single-color displays and welcome the vibrant world of RGBIC innovation—where light becomes art, and your environment becomes a canvas for boundless expression. If you’re not quite ready to try RGBIC smart lights, check out our regular RGB smart lights.

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