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5 Unique Gift Ideas They Won’t Be Expecting

The ultimate gift guide for everyone on your nice list.

Holiday shopping is officially here, and we can’t wait to share our best gift ideas that will brighten up the season for everyone on your list. From kids to nature lovers, gamers, plant parents, and watchful parents ensuring safety — our 2023 holiday gift guide has something thoughtful and exciting for everyone on your nice list.

Sparkle and Shine for the Little Ones

Add a touch of magic to their world with enchanting Fairy Light Bulbs and Fairy String Lights. Fairy bulbs are perfect for bedside lamps and thanks to their gentle twinkling glow, they can also be used as night lights. For overhead décor, install them in hanging pendants. Fuel their imagination with our Fairy String Lights. They bend and shape into anything their imagination conjures up. These whimsical LED fairy lights are as fun and free-spirited as the little ones they’re gifted to!

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The Ultimate Gadget for Nature Lovers

Our Smart Bird Feeder Camera brings the birdwatching experience to a whole new level from the convenience of a smartphone. Featuring AI technology that identifies up to 11,000 bird species and solar panels, bird lovers will never miss a feathered friend. Give the bird enthusiasts in your life an up-close look at local bird species all year. Help them create an album of their favorite birds with 1080p HD video and photos. With a bird feeder, water feeder, suet ball holder, and hummingbird attachments, they’ll attract multiple bird species! No need to worry about pesky squirrels trying to steal food, it’s equipped with an alarm that scares off squirrels whenever they are detected.

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Stream and Game On In Style

Let the gamers and streamers in your life dive into a colorful realm with Smart Color Changing Lights with a tap on the Feit Electric app. These lights bring an immersive and dynamic atmosphere to their setups. They go beyond mere illumination, allowing users to match colors with in-game action, creating a visual extension of the virtual world. Whether it's the adrenaline-pumping reds during intense gameplay or calming blues for a reflective moment, smart lights enhance the overall gaming experience. This not only provides a personalized touch to their gaming environment but also engages viewers in a captivating and visually stimulating way during live streams.

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The Gift of Grow

For the ones seeking to flex their green thumbs year-round, our grow lights provide the optimal light spectrum for every stage of the plant growth cycle. These lights are perfect for both seasoned plant enthusiasts who are fine-tuning their indoor gardening skills and beginners who may need a bit of extra assistance in creating an ideal environment for their green companions. Our range of plant-centric lights empowers plant parents to transform their living spaces into flourishing, year-round oases of natural beauty.

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Parents (human or pet) with A Plan

With the convenience of remote access via their smartphones, our Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras help them keep a watchful eye on their loved ones from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s checking in on the kids while they play outside or reassuring their furry friends while away, get the parents in your life a gift that ensures the safety of their loved ones. Our cameras not only provide a live feed but also enable two-way communication, allowing them to interact with those at home in real-time. In addition, our smart cameras feature 1080p HD recording capabilities, capturing those crucial moments for later review or documentation. Think of them as a reliable second set of eyes, offering unparalleled peace of mind and empowering them with the tools to ensure the well-being of their most cherished spaces and the people and pets within them.

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This season, brighten the lives of your loved ones with gifts that bring joy and practicality. Whether it's creating magical moments for kids, fostering a deeper connection with nature, enhancing gaming experiences, nurturing green spaces, or ensuring the safety of those you hold dear — our gift guide has you covered. Shop now and let the joy of illumination prevail!

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