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How to Bypass a Ballast: Fluorescent to LED Linear Tube Lights

How to Bypass a Ballast: Fluorescent to LED Linear Tube Lights

When making the switch from fluorescent tube lights to LED it is important to first note which type of LED tube light you need. Read our guide for how to find the right linear tube for your needs. Click to shop LED Linear Tubes.
This tutorial provides a step-by-step for bypassing a ballast when making the switch to Type B LED tube lights.

Making the Switch to LED Linear Tubes

What is a Type B LED Tube?

Type B, also known as Ballast-Bypass tubes, replace most T8 and T12 linear tubes with electronic ballasts. They require direct wiring, which means a longer installation time. Bypassing the ballast is the most efficient operation and lessens maintenance over time.


What You'll Need

Screw/nut driver
Wire connectors
Wire stripper
      tools you'll need

      Step 1: Turn off power

      Make sure the power is off at the breaker. 

      Breaker box

      Remove your old tubes.

      Removing old fluorescent tubes from a lighting fixture

      Use a multimeter to ensure no power is flowing to your fixture. Touch one leg of your multimeter to one socket and the other leg to the opposite socket. If it reads 0, you're good to go!

      multimeter reads 0

      Step 2: Cut wires

      First, remove the ballast covering. Cut all the wires connected to the ballast including the hot, neutral, and ground wires and all the wires leading from the ballast to the sockets. Be sure to cut the wires close to the ballast so you have extra wire to work with later on. Optional: Remove the ballast with your screw/nut driver.

      cutting wires

      Step 3: Connect your wires

      Strip the wires leading to the sockets about 1 inch. Repeat on the hot and neutral wires.

      stripping wires with wire stripper

      Connect one side of the fixture’s wires to the neutral wire using the connectors. Repeat on the opposite side with the hot wire.

      connect wires

      Step 4: Cover the wires

      Group wires neatly and place the ballast cover back on.

      putting cover back on

      Place the fixture retrofit label on the ballast cover so it is clearly visible. This will act as a reminder when replacing tubes.

      placing fixture retrofit label on the ballast cover

      Step 5: Insert your Type B tubes

      Install your Feit Electric Type B LED linear tubes by inserting the live and neutral ends in their corresponding sockets. Check the tube’s end caps. You’ll see an N for Neutral and L for Live.

      inserting Feit Electric LED linear tubes

      Step 6: Power on

      Place the glass cover on. Restore the breaker power and turn on!

      turn on fixture

      Watch our full video tutorial How to Bypass a Ballast for more details.

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