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Light Bulb Life Expectancy – Which Bulb is Right for You?

Light bulb technology - LED, CFL, incandescent

Some light bulbs will last you decades and some are only good for a few months or years. To find the best value for you, it’s important to balance the price of the light bulb with its lifespan. Generally, high use fixtures will greatly benefit from longer lasting bulbs, and low use fixtures will work well with bulbs with a shorter life span. The life expectancy of each bulb should be listed on the back of its packaging, and is normally based on three or four hours of daily use.

Lifespan by Light Bulb Type

LED Bulbs

LEDs usually have the longest lifespan, often lasting over a decade. Mostly, they are several times better than incandescent bulbs and most fluorescent bulbs.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The lifespan of a CFL bulb is several times better than an incandescent light bulb, but is reduced significantly if the bulb is switched on and off frequently.

Halogen Bulbs

With only a small increase in price, Halogen bulbs are cost-effective upgrade over traditional incandescent bulbs and offer better energy efficiency and a longer lifespan.

Incandescent Bulbs

The most commonly known light bulb, usually has the shortest life expectancy; often lasting less than a year.
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