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Your belongings are precious, and many things can’t be replaced. With Feit Electric smart cameras, you can check up on the inside or outside of any building you want with the tap of a button.

Feit Electric indoor and outdoor smart cameras keep watch 24/7 and send a notification to your phone when suspicious activity is detected. You can then review the recorded footage or take a live look at what is happening right now.

Outdoor Smart Cameras for Home Security

Feit Electric outdoor smart cameras allow you to easily record and access footage of the outside of your home. Whether you want the rechargeable battery camera for set up in places far from a power source, or a hardwire camera that will operate without any downtime, you can get peace of mind around the clock.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

No outlet? No problem. Our battery-powered cameras don’t need any external power source to function. With a detachable rechargeable battery pack, the cameras can operate anywhere, so you can monitor any part of your property that you need to.

Wall-Mounted Smart Security Camera

If you don’t want to bother with changing your camera’s battery, the plug-in outdoor cameras connect to a power source and can stay on all day and all night.

Outdoor Lights with Smart Cameras

If you want to include outdoor lighting with your smart camera. Feit Electric has you covered with our hardwired motion sensing flood light camera. It can illuminate the porch or driveway at night whenever motion is detected within a 32-foot range, and send an alert to your phone, helping you to stay safe.

Indoor Smart Cameras for the House or Office

Our indoor smart cameras with audio allow you to keep an eye on any room in your house with the press of a button. These cameras offer an increased range of motion and IR sensors for low light situations. Check the live video feed on your phone from anywhere and know exactly what’s going on at any time.
Indoor cameras are also sound-activated. They can send you an alert when they sense noise in your home or office. A two-way microphone and speaker allow you to converse in real time with friends, family members, visitors, or even your dog.

Smart Cameras with No Paid Subscription

Feit Electric smart cameras offer a full suite of security options without a paid subscription. Just set up your device, connect it to the Feit Electric app, and get access to every feature. You can still store video on the camera in a removable SD card, view live video remotely, receive alerts about activity, and even control you device with virtual assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant – all without any additional subscription fees.

Get a Smart Camera for Your Home or Business

A smart camera can make the difference between worrying about your home or office security and knowing that your property is secure. With Feit Electric full-featured smart cameras you can get protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even when you’re away, without any monthly fees. Browse all our smart cameras here to see which one fits your needs.

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