100 watt equivalent A line bulb CEOM100_930_4_pack
100 watt equivalent A line bulb

100-Watt Equivalent A21 Enhance Bright White Dimmable LED

SKU: CEOM100/930/4


Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with this Feit Electric A21 100W equivalent Enhance LED light bulb. Enhance light bulbs feature high color rendering index light with superior light quality and rich vivid color. This high CRI Warm White bulb produces a similar light output to a 100-watt incandescent while using up to 82% less electricity. Each bulb is omnidirectional for all-around light distribution, and is rated to last an average of 15,000 hours / 13.7 years. Choose a dependable bulb for general purpose residential or commercial applications.


  • Omnidirectional bulb for all-around light distribution
  • Bright White glow makes any area of the home cozy and inviting
  • Enhance 90+ CRI makes colors more vibrant and skin tones natural
  • Dimmable design lets you create the right environment in any room
  • Energy Star certified


Feit Electric