4 ft. Color Selectable Smart Wi-Fi Shop Light SHOP_4_CCT_AG_081320 SHOP_4_CCT_AG_pack-Back Game-Shop
4 ft. Color Selectable Smart Wi-Fi Shop Light

4 ft. Color Selectable Smart Wi-Fi Shop Light

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Make your workspace smarter with the Feit Electric SHOP/4/CCT/AG color-changing shop light. This LED utility light comes fully assembled and provides added function to any residential or commercial area. Easily change colors, turn lights on/off, dim, set groups, timers or schedules with simple voice commands using your Alexa, Google or Apple voice assistants, or an intuitive mobile app. Ultra-light weight and thin design is just 4.5 inches in width and features a smooth white body with white endcaps. Choose a no humming task lighting fixture for residential or commercial applications.



  • Easy plug in ultra-lightweight design
  • Simple way to add extra illumination to garages, basements, workspaces and more
  • Maintenance free design with no bulbs to replace
  • Cool white vibrant light ideal for work spaces and task lighting
  • Energy Star certified



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