C4000_5K_LEDG2_032119 C4000_5K_LEDG2_032119

4,000 Lumen Daylight LED Yard Light

SKU: C4000/5K/LEDG2


This C4000/5K/LEDG2 corn cob-shaped LED light bulb from Feit Electric provides maximum illumination for large rooms, barns, or anywhere you need more light. Each bulb comes with a mogul base adapter to easily upgrade HID non-ballast fixtures to LED. Energy-efficient LED technology puts out an ultrabright 4000 lumens using just 35 watts - saving up to 88% in energy costs over equivalent 300 watt incandescents. These bulbs have an average life of 35,000 hours / 32 years, are ROHS compliant and 100% Mercury-free.


  • Maximum illumination for yards, barns and larger spaces
  • Includes E39 Mogul Base adaptor
  • Energizing crisp Daylight color illuminates fine details with invigorating cool light
  • Long life reduces the inconvenience of replacing bulbs



Feit Electric