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11W Blue Light S14 Base (E26 Replacement) Exposed Filament Incandescent String Light Bulb

SKU: BP11S14/B


Combine classic style with modern reliability with Feit Electric BP11S14/B Blue Light Bulbs. Each bulb is wrapped in a durable blue glass housing to deliver a new twist on a classic look and feel. It is the perfect addition to parties, festivals, holidays, sporting events, or special occasions. Upgrade your old string lights or sign lights to these S14 bulbs for a fun blue glow and 50-lumen output. These bulbs use 11 watts per bulb. They have an estimated annual energy cost of only $1.32/year per bulb (based on 3 hours per day of use). Get up to 3,000 hours of life. Their brass base resists vibration and corrosion. Choose Feit Electric S14 specialty light bulbs to add a splash of color to your indoor or outdoor space for years to come.


  • Blue decorative replacement light bulbs work with string lights and signs
  • Weather-resistant, with a shatter-resistant glass housing for indoor and outdoor use
  • Standard medium E26 light bulbs
  • Dimmable blue light is perfect for parties, festivals, holidays, sporting events, or special occasions
  • 3,000 hours/2.7 years of life and only $1.32/year per bulb (based on 3 hrs. daily use)



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