BR30 Reflector light bulb 100-Watt Equivalent BR30 Dimmable Soft White LED Living Room Track Lighting
BR30 Reflector light bulb

BR30 Selectable White LED

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Highlight a beautiful painting or sculpture, illuminate a landscape or accent an area with the Feit Electric BR30DM/6WYCA/2 reflector light bulb. This selectable white dimmable BR30 bulb produces 650 lumens of light using only 7.2 watts of electricity - up to 89% less than an equivalent 65-watt incandescent light. Enhance 90+ CRI LED light makes colors vibrant and skin tones look more natural, all while saving energy and lasting for 25,000 hours or more. Choose a dependable directional reflector light for your track or landscape lighting applications.



  • Directional light for outdoor, track or recessed applications
  • 90+ high CRI color rendering light bulbs allow colors to appear more realistic and vibrant
  • Dimmable design lets you create the right environment in any room
  • Energizing crisp Daylight color illuminates fine details with invigorating cool light
  • Energy Star and California Title 20 certified light bulb



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